It’s all about community.


The name Nollie Panther comes from a nickname of mine. In board sports a nollie is a jump (or ollie) but off the front foot, I’m a regular rider and have a panther tattoo on my left leg, you can work it out. 

I created Nollie Panther to give back to a culture that means so much to me.  Board sports have taken me all over the world, starting with teaching snowboarding in Canada to now coaching wakeboarding at WakeUp Docklands in London, England. (Check us out!)

My passion for tattoo culture and in particular traditional tattooing was the inspiration for the Nollie Panther logo. Strong imagery, bold colour and easily readable from across the room, these were foundations. The Nollie Panther logo was a labour of love and many hours learning new skills. I hope you love it too.

My current role coaching wakeboarding means everything to me. Those of you who have taught can testify, imparting skills to another can be just as rewarding as learning a new skill yourself. Nollie Panther is an extension of this idea allowing me to be even more involved in the community.

So grab yourself something rad and get involved too! 


London, England or a Wakepark near you.